Saturday, November 1, 2014

Photos! Dorchester Open Studios 2014

Write on the DOT @ Dorchester Open Studios 2014

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood - so beautiful in fact that we were inspired to set up our table outside in front of the Erick Jean Center for the Arts on Washington St. in Dorchester.

 Lynn Holmgren and Elysia Smith, students in the UMass Boston MFA program and co-organizers of the Write on the DOT reading series.
Our 'Dot Poet Laureate' contemplates the next line he'll add to our community poem after getting his face painted.
Fellow vendor Flauxy exhibiting her beautiful handmade jewelry.
Checking out some local photography and cards.
Art Alive! Day of the Dead-inspired face paint.


Community Poem

A special thanks to everyone who stopped by our table during open studios and contributed to our community poem. Each line of the poem was authored by a different person. They selected a word at random from our word basket and composed a line on the spot. The original poem was written on an electric typewriter. Enjoy!

Dorchester Open Studios

I started the day on my bike,
the scarf fluttered around my neck – silky…
the wind blew the fog from my mind out one ear.

Fly away pigeon, fly away.

You’re always supposed to eat breakfast,
hopped up on caffeine from my coffeeyaaayy,
I’m so greedy I eat the crumbs!

Hippity-Hop, kangaroo’s don’t stop.
I only have a second so this is going to be short:

My goal is to be in the NBA,
I eat icicles in the winter,
pickles all summer long.
I like having a good night’s sleep
when the sky is blue and
the light is as heavy as the dark.
Who likes the light?
Roses all in white—

Una Rosa es unrosa, siempre bella es la cosa. Poderosa muy, Poderos
Siempre sere el Amor y una Rosa….Paz.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Sunflowers are yellow and you
Thought I was going to write something romantic—
Nope, just gardening facts.

I write rivers,
to the ocean.

Cars stream down Washington Street,
never the same street twice.



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