Thursday, April 26, 2012

Special Reading Menu plus Reader Bios

Join us Sunday, May 6th at Savin Bar & Kitchen.

     Reception starts at 5:30PM with a special Write on the DOT menu:
          Author's Ales:           Narragansett (16oz cans)                                      $3
                                               Harpoon IPA                                                           $4
          Reader's Respite:      Twin Vines Vinho Verde                                      $5/glass
          "The Hemingway":   Bacardi Limon, Peach Shnapps, & lemonade   $6.50
          Plus $5 appetizer specials of Cajun Fried Dill Spears, Whiskey BBQ Pulled Pork Tostada, Buffalo Bleu Cheese Fries, & Margarita flatbread. (Thanks to Savin Bar & Kitchen for personalizing these specials for our attendees!)

     Reading starts at 6PM in the private downstairs space. 
          Featuring: Eric Maxson, Willie Pleasants, Alexandra Sladky, & Liam Day
          with Anna Ross, Krysten Hill, Sam Cha, Virginia Magboo, Natty Forsythe, & Fawzi Nicolas.

Come celebrate 1-year of Write on the DOT, the end of spring semester, 
and the (close enough) beginning of summer.

Reader Bios:

Eric Maxson works in the Creative Writing Program at UMass Boston. A former Savin Hill resident, he now lives in East Boston. His fiction has most recently appeared in the Black Warrior Review and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. The details of the first story he wrote are vaguely remembered, a young man named Eric with a sleepwalking problem, but the title is clear—“I Came Down to Get Some Underwear.”

Willie Pleasants is an author, poet, and the producer and host of her own cable show "Willie's Web" at Boston Neighborhood Network. Born a southerner, she has lived in Dorchester for over 30 years. Her main goal is to use her books and poetry to inspire and encourage reading among all ages.

Alexandra Sladky is from Augusta, GA. She holds a BA in Latin from Mount Holyoke College and is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at UMass Boston. If she could drink with a couple of famous writers she would drink with Ovid and Catullus, very expensive red wine, paid for by someone else. She lives in Brighton.

Liam Day is a graduate of Harvard College and the Bread Loaf School of English. He spent a year playing professional basketball in Ireland, before returning to the States to begin a career teaching. He is currently the Director of Youth Development and Health Promotion at the Boston Public Health Commission and Director of the Boston Area Health Education Center. His poems have appeared in Slow Trains, Apt, and U.M.P.h. Prose. His op-eds have appeared in the Boston Globe and Herald, among numerous other publications. And his essays have appeared in The Shoestring Traveler, Annalemma, Stymie, and the Good Men Project, to which he is a regular contributor. He lives in Dorchester, on Jones Hill to be precise, with his wife Nicole.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Next Write on the DOT reading Sunday, May 6th


The next Write on the DOT reading will take place Sunday, May 6th starting at 6PM in Savin Bar & Kitchen's private downstairs space (Red Line to Savin Hill T station). We'll feature Dorchester writers Willie Pleasants and Liam Day alongside UMass Boston writers Alex Sladky and Eric Maxson.

The reading will mark one-year of Write on the DOT, as well as the end of the spring semester (and start of summer!). Come hear poetry and fiction read aloud by, and in the company of, your neighbors. More details to follow.