Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Video: May 6th WotD reading and journal launch

The launch of Write on the DOT: Vol. 1 was a huge success. All thanks go out to our incredible readers and to everyone who showed up to celebrate with us! It's been an incredible first year for our local reading series, and we're angling for it to be the first of many.

Check out these videos of all the fabulous readings at our May 6th event.

Welcome (Aaron Devine)

Special Veteran Readers Panel, part one (Anna Ross and Natty Forsythe)

Special Veteran Readers Panel, part two (Betsy Gomez/Fawzi Nicolas, Krysten Hill, and Virginia Magboo)

Eric Maxson

Willie Pleasants

Liam Day

Note: Due to technical difficulties, we lost our video of Alex Sladky's reading. You'll just have to check out this talented young fictioneer the next time she reads in town, or read her piece in Write on the DOT: Vol. 1!