Thursday, May 3, 2012

Write on the DOT: Vol. 1 launches this Sunday

This Sunday, May 6th, Write on the DOT is launching our first collection of writing from Dorchester and UMass Boston. The journal - Write on the DOT: Vol. 1 - will be available for just $3 at the reading (which begins at 5:30PM with drink and appetizer specials at Savin Bar and Kitchen).

Vol. 1 features poetry, prose, and translation from U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo, Willie Pleasants, Karen Locascio, Natty Forsythe, Liam Day, Jon Papas, Sandra Kohler, Audrey Mardavich, Alexandra Sladky, Kurt Klopmeier, Aaron Devine, Mitch Manning, Andra Hibbert, Danielle Fontaine, Anna Ross, Molly McGuire, Rad Thie, and Zachary Bos.

Also with original artwork created by Dorchester teenagers under guidance from Dot Art.

Special thanks to our local sponsors whose generous support made this publication possible: Savin Bar & Kitchen, UMass Boston MFA program, Dorchester Arts Collaborative, Ashmont Cycles, Dot2Dot Cafe, Avenue Liquors, The Stitch House, and Dot Art.

Copies of the book will also be donated to Dorchester libraries and some public schools.

Join us for the reading this Sunday and get your copy of Write on the DOT: Vol. 1.