Friday, October 3, 2014

Photos! September 2014 The Blarney Stone


 Featured poet August Smith describes what it's
like to have the confidence of a very large lobster.

August wonders how one of his "late night sessions with
explosion sounds" poems got into the mix.

Elysia and Grant share a laugh. Hence they are friends.

Featured writer Thelma Woodson shares a moving piece
about a family funeral.

Emcee and Write on the DOT coordinator Elysia Smith.

Featured Poet Matt Morrison shares a philosophical
moment at Chipotle.

"Did I just read another poem with food in it?"

"I double dog dare you to come up here and read!"

August and Chelsea.

Write on the DOT smiles.

Local poet Elaine Croce Happnie kicks off
the open mic.

Freshly graduated Karen Locasio reads from
her 2014 MFA Thesis.

Write on the DOT Co-founder and 2014 MFA graduate
Aaron Devine shares two thought-provoking poems about NFL player 
Adrian Peterson.

Carol D. Carter of The Pentimenti Writers imitates a "senior moment". 

Aaron listens intently.

August wins for most photogenic fall sweater of the evening.

"I am in love with your words!"

First-time reader and Dot Poet Margo Gabriel.

Second-year MFA grad student Lori Zimmerman is calling it in sick.

Third-year MFA grad student Alyssa Mazzarella puts the Awe back in "Awe Bod".

"Bravo! Encore!"

Thank you to Ben and THE BLARNEY STONE for giving us a warm place to gather on a rainy fall evening. Thank you to COLIN O'DAY for providing his music and tech support. Thank you to THE PENTIMENTI WRITERS for showing up in force and sharing the depths of your talent. Thank you to all of our featured and open mic readers. All pictures courtesy of Thang Ho Arts & Entertainment. Please tag shared photos #THAEphotography. Until next time - WRITE ON!

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