Wednesday, September 18, 2013

INSTA_POET Challenge 2013

INSTA_POET Challenge: Mari & Elysia had 10 minutes to compose an original poem, drawing inspiration from the answers written to random questions given to audience members. Here are the results, two poems unique to one Friday the 13th in September of Two-Thousand and Thirteen:

Anything you wish,
the moon says.
Anything you wish.
Elope to Halifax,
a zucchini-bacon
cake, a raindog for a ring bearer.
Anything you wish,
the moon says, multiplies,
in each store,
by two, anything-
elope to Halifax,
dance on the sunroof,
your groom a seashell, your bride a tambourine-
a zucchini bacon cake
and a raindog for a ring bearer.
This is the high time
for stepping out into the fog door,
for a beaker of superstition
a softball of rain.
Come play, sound,
all you shimmers, all you pet ghosts,
come play!
- Mariya Deykute


teach me how to dougie
teach teach me how
to dougie
I grew up in
Halifax so all the bitches
love me

my favorite word is bacon
but I eat a lot of
pickles if I can
teach you how to
dougie then maybe
we can elope

my first pet's name
was lady & I'm full
of superstition so if
you aren't a girl like
her all you've got is

if you haven't noticed
my hidden gift is dance
so pick up what I'm
putting down or you
ain't got a chance

and you say
       teach me
       how to dougie
       teach me
       teach me
       how to dougie

- Elysia Smith

(click on the picture above and you can learn how to dougie!)

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