Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ekphrastic Poetry Contest Winner!

Painted Faces

By Taj McDonald

I'm a nerd and I'm weird
but not another Erkyle,
I see the shades of grey,
so please don't make me
feel blue 'cause when it meets
my red temper it makes the
color purple.
I am not my hair, so please
don't mind me, my mental thoughts
do not concern you, when only
time will tell, you can tell it's
God I'll turn to, a picture's
worth a thousand words, mine
is worth medal, but please
don't make it gold.

When being humble hurts the devil,
and I don't mean to be violent but
violet's the ultra-level, so go a son's ways,
feel helpful when the culprit block's sun rays,
to purchase several things to help
it converse, this is the end of my
verse, I am a virgin rebel.

"Untitled" By Iris Du Pont, Dorchester, MA

What is Ekphrastic Poetry?

  •  Ekphrastic poetry is a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art.

How do you write an ekphrastic poem?

  • It's easy! 1) Visit an art gallery or museum (or look online) and find a painting or sculpture that surprises and enchants you. 2) Take some quick notes on your immediate reaction - How does the art make you feel? What does it remind you of? etc. Don't overthink it at this point, you want to get some good raw material for your poem. 3) Write a poem using your notes for reference. Ekphrastic is not a form but a method, so free verse is most often used.

Where can I find more examples of ekphrastic poetry?

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