Monday, October 21, 2013

OPEN MIC: "Caught in the Web"


"Caught In the Web: Tales From the 'Net"
October 25th 7-9 PM

934 Dorchester Ave

Bring Your Spam Sonnets! Chat-Room Persona Poems! Facebook Folktales!

Need Inspiration? See Writing Prompts Below:
I can search a thought and

see the number of people who

have had the same thought before me.



Not looking to leaders, but curators

who can efficiently signal where to

find the good stuff.



Information is the

truth value of a proposition.


The collective externalized mind.


Giving you information faster than you can retrieve it from memory.


We have become Hunter Gatherers

of Images & Info.


The internet delocalizes your community.

You participate from wherever you are.



Our sense of orientation, space + place

have changed – our sense of the details necessary to make decisions has changed.




A life that generates its

own electronic shadow.



We are instruments of our

own surveillance.



The internet takes advantage

of our appetites.

Hope to see you there!





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