Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reading Recap + Insta-Poems

Thanks to all who came to the Savin Hill Yoga Studio last week and made our September Kickoff reading  a great night. We had one of our biggest turnouts -- over 50 attendees -- and heard some outstanding poems and stories read by local writers Charles Thiesen, Carol Dickerson, Shilpi Suneja, and Teresa McMahon.

Another highlight was the creation of "Insta-Poems" written on-the-spot as arriving guests responded to pre-printed questions and left their answers to simmer in the Poetry Cauldron. Audrey Mardavich of Clam Point ousted Kurt Klopmeier of Savin Hill for the audience vote, taking home the Insta-Poet Title Belt. You can read their poems below. (In Kurt's poem, the audience contributions are italicized. Kurt and Audrey shared many of the same slips taken from the Poetry Cauldron.)

I Controlled Time and Space
by Kurt Klopmeier

Defied physics, logic to live
a thousand lives. I married
Typhoid Mary, predisease.
We moved to Panama, strolled
among the mud hens and guava trees.
I rowed George Washington
across the Delaware and died
by Prussian gun, so I made
a mundane life, had a girl,
populated her room with dollhouses
and unicorns, mastered white jazz.
But I needed to see the future,
so I spent a life on the Mars
spaceship and drifted slowly
into the cosmos, dot dot dot.

Life on Mars
by Audrey Mardavich

Life on Mars is a lot like life on Earth
except there’s no good Mexican food,
my Mother’s not here, either
even though I paid like a MILLION dollars to get here.

I’m CEO of Mitch Manning’s Extreme Makeover,

you won’t be able to count the amount
of insufferable Harvard undergrads’ heads
I stomped on to get here.

Someone, send me a French Vanilla Iced Coffee!
The ground is very dry--full of rocks.

I miss waffle house.
I miss “diaper boy.”

No one told me Mars sucks and is extremely lonely.

I love you George Washington!
I love you yogurt!
I never thought I’d say this but
Earth rules.

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